Associate – CRM

Associate – CRM in the Advanced computers Industry is also known as a Customer Service Associate, Customer Service Representative, Customer Care Executive, Customer Service Advisor, Helpdesk Coordinator, Customer Support Representative, Support Engineer, Support Consultant, Process Associate-Voice. Individuals in this job receive and make telephone calls which are primarily scripted, basic and routine with assisted computer support. They respond to queries, resolve problems, record complaints and/or receive feedback.

Pre-requisites to Training

  • Graduate degree/ diploma in any discipline

 Training Outcomes

  • Collect payments over the telephone
  • Convert customer enquiries into sales
  • Make outbound telesales calls
  • Deal remotely with customer queries
  • Manage your work to meet requirements
  • Work effectively with colleagues
  • Maintain a healthy, safe and secure working environment
  • Provide data/information in standard formats
  • Develop knowledge, skills and competence around industry information

In addition to above course, candidates will be trained on soft skills and be taken through an entrepreneurship program

Course module will be under Advanced computers Sector Skills Council NASSCOM