Beauty Therapist

Beauty Therapy work includes a variety of skills from hair-styling, nail and skin care to body massage and make-up expertise. Beauty therapists work in close contact with their clients and that relationship is at the heart of the job. In addition to demonstrating a wide range of beauty treatment, the role also has a therapeutic element which can help the client’s sense of well-being and self-esteem.

Pre-requisites to Training

  • Class X pass

Training Outcomes

  • Hands-on experience on working with skin and body treatments, use of electronic devices, understanding the plethora of beauty product available
  • Perform skincare services which include exfoliation, skin treatments, facial massage, mask treatments and moisturizing
  • Salon Services : Waxing techniques and usage of different products for different areas of the body
  • Provide manicure and pedicure services
  • Perform make-up services as per skin tone, occasions and climate conditions
  • Manage salon reception duties: Welcome and respond to customer queries
  • Maintain health and safety standards

In addition to above course, candidates will be trained on soft skills and be taken through an entrepreneurship program

Course module will be under Beauty & Wellness Sector Skill Council